Meet Our Team

Ashley has been a Certified Massage Therapist since 2013 and is also a Certified Lymphedema Therapist, a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, a Gillespie Approach Infant Practitioner, and a Birth Doula. She is passionate about helping clients feel their best! Ashley was born and raised here in Northern California and grew up in the world of alternative medicine.  She strongly believes that our bodies can be healed and made whole naturally. Ashley has a firm, intuitive touch and focuses on problem areas, helping to alleviate pain and tension. She specializes in lymphedema treatment, trigger point work, labor/postpartum/pregnancy massage, warm stone massage, and cupping therapy.

Ashley Houchin

Owner, Massage Therapist

Aura has been practicing as a Certified Massage Therapist since 2015. She was trained by Chico Therapy and Wellness Center and Massage School in Chico. Aura absolutely loves massage and is very passionate about it. She was born and raised here in Northern California and has been enriched and brought up around the importance of alternative medicine. Aura is naturally talented with medium to deep work, yet with an amazing relaxing finish. She's very intuitive with neck work and targeting problem areas with care and a healing touch. 


Massage Therapist


Elaine knows self care is a must in today’s busy world and believes that massage therapy contributes to a person’s overall well being for the mind, body, and spirit. Her passion is to help facilitate healing from the inside out.  She especially enjoys working with clients who are looking for a renewed connection and acceptance of their body, and creates a safe, relaxing, and healing environment for each individual.  She integrates a variety of modalities in the session, such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, Swedish, deep tissue massage, and stretching to promote pain- and tension-relief and deep relaxation.


Massage Therapist

Marie has been a Certified Massage Therapist for about five years. She is grateful for the opportunity to work with people and to help facilitate healing as a massage therapist. Marie is naturally intuitive and has a firm touch. She loves educating clients on how the body works and responds to both deep and relaxing work. Her sessions are effective, relaxing, and amazing!


Massage Therapist

Tiffany is both an esthetician and a massage therapist. She found her passion for skin care after she served in the United States Air Force. She graduated in the top of her class and immediately opened a business hoping to impact people’s lives in the most positive way possible. She has a passion for helping clients improve their skin and overall self esteem. Tiffany offers Massage, Personalized Facials, Chemical Peels, Tightening, Wrinkle Reduction, and Back Treatments.


Esthetician, Massage Therapist

Rachel is a new momma, average outdoors person, solid friend, and all around just doin her best at everything she does. Rachel is a Gillespie Approach practitioner and loves serving infants and mothers in that capacity. She's am a firm believer in a listening to a mother’s intuition, believing mothers, and advocating for her clients. Rachel trusts that the parent knows their child best and feels honored to be included in their care. Her background is in the emergency room, she have a bachelors of science in nursing and has been working in the medical field for a decade now. Rachel holds the position that there are many different effective modalities that can contribute in one’s healing, and is hopeful to be a piece of that puzzle!


Gillespie Approach Practitioner

Stefanie Overstreet is a registered nurse and nutritional therapy practitioner who is passionate about nurturing the health of mothers mind, body and spirit whether they are trying to conceive, already pregnant, postpartum or raising young children. After navigating her own challenging pregnancy and postpartum health issues, including postpartum depression and anxiety, she's now on a mission to be the resource she wishes she would have had. Stefanie offers 1 hour pregnancy and postpartum coaching sessions to lend guidance on a wide variety of topics such as: stabilizing mood, improving energy, supporting sleep, natural remedies for common pregnancy ailments, postpartum planning, recovery during immediate postpartum, postpartum hormone balance, restoring health after having a baby, and much more. Stefanie also offers personalized 3 month nutritional therapy packages for those who are looking to spend a focused 3 months on addressing root causes so they can flourish in their health.


Nutritional Therapy Practitioner