Methods of Placenta Preparation

We offer multiple ways to prepare your placenta for consumption. Our methods include capsules, tinctures,  salves, smoothies, and herbal sitz bath sets.

RAW Capsule Preparation Method

  • Placenta is NOT steamed prior to dehydration

  • Placenta fully dehydrated at 118 degrees

  • Dehydration takes approx. 14-24 hours

  • The RAW method is the most potent. It offers the highest iron content and the biggest energy boost. You will get the highest yield of capsules using this method.

  • Contraindicated for those who are sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants, have suffered from depression/anxiety prior to pregnancy, or test GBS+

  • Average yield: 182 capsules*

placenta fetal side.jpg
placenta fetal side1.jpg

Balanced Method

  • Placenta is NOT steamed prior to dehydration

  • Placenta fully dehydrated at 160 degrees

  • Dehydration takes approx. 8-14 hours

  • The Balanced method offers a more moderate flow of energy and hormones. Due to the high dehydration temperature, there is greater protection against bacteria

  • Contraindicated for those who test GBS+

  • Average yield: 157 capsules*

Subtle Method (TCM-Inspired)

  • Placenta is lightly steamed prior to dehydration

  • Placenta fully dehydrated at 145 degrees

  • Dehydration takes approx. 6-9 hours

  • The Gentle method offers a very gradual energy and hormone release. This method yields the least number of capsules due to steaming beforehand. Due to the high dehydration temperature, there is greater protection against bacteria.

  • Average yield: 138 capsules*

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Additional Preparation Methods

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Tincture Remedies for Prolonged Use

Tinctures are meant for energy, transition, stress, hormone stabilization and are therefore great for returning cycles and menopause. They can be given to a baby, 6 months or older for teething and transition. Tinctures can also be used by the biological mother and daughter during hormone changes (menopause, menstrual cycles). The tincture is made from a thumbnail size piece of raw placenta and 100-150 proof alcohol, aged for 6 weeks postpartum, and then strained. It is stored in an amber glass dropper bottle.

Placenta Salves

Salves can be used postpartum for hemorrhoids, tearing, burns, eczema, diaper rash, sun burns, and skin irritation. Salves are also used to heal C-section incisions after the wound has closed. They lessen scarring, itching and discomfort. They’re safe for all ages as long as there are no skin allergies.

A tin of salve sits on a rough piece of
Glass of pink strawberry milkshake or co

Placenta Smoothie (available for

home-births only)

Smoothies are prepared and given to the mother directly after delivery. A small piece of raw placenta is placed in a blender with your choice of organic fruits, veggies, juice and yogurt. Smoothies are very helpful for the first couple of days after delivery because they give a quick boost of energy which the mother desperately needs, especially after a long labor. They’re raw so they’re more potent and effective. The best part: YOU CAN’T TASTE THE PLACENTA!! (we know this from experience…)

Herbal Sitz Bath

Sitz baths are very beneficial in the few weeks following delivery. They help the mother heal and alleviate soreness and swelling.  A personal sitz bath herbal brew is prepared based on many factors including length of labor and delivery, hemorrhoids, and degree of tearing. ​