Let’s Talk: Tipping Your Service Provider

It’s the topic that is rarely talked about, and is a bit taboo – TIPPING.

Most people don’t know what the etiquette of tipping is, so I’m here to talk about the “why” and the appropriate amount that should be considered.

Tipping is as simple as monetarily thanking someone for their excellent service.

Tipping is a compliment that goes further than you might think! It is one that is necessary for the livelihood of your provider and can be overlooked all too often. Being a massage therapist, aesthetician, nail technician, or hair stylist are roles that provide pampering and relaxation at its finest. Your provider is there to make you feel heard through meeting your needs, help you feel comfortable and at ease, and provide you with the best treatment possible. Often providers are employees, so the fee you are paying is going to the owner of the business, and the provider only gets a small portion of that, or they rent their own space and a majority of what they make goes toward business expenses. 

“Tipping is more of an art than a science.”

These guidelines are a great place to start, but don’t feel like you have to stick to them if a worker gives you fantastic service and you want to show your appreciation. If you receive poor service, try to show empathy to the workers and bring up your complaint with them instead of leaving a small, or no, tip.

Don’t regard tipping as optional: Many people who work for tips rely on them to earn a living.

Tip according to the service provided: The more skill and experience that goes into a service, the more you should consider tipping. Someone who you have a personalized relationship with that knows your preferences also might earn a bigger tip, since they can offer knowledgeable advice and higher quality services.

Cash is not necessarily king: Check the tipping policy at a company before using their services. If there’s no way to tip a worker when you pay, ask if they prefer to be tipped via a peer-to-peer payment platform, such as Venmo or Zelle, or in cash. Just make sure to leave cash in a visible spot when you might not be present to speak to the worker in person, such as for hotel housekeeping.

It’s always nice to thank your service provider for her talents and a job well done. Wondering how much to tip for a spa treatment? Generally, 15-20% is an appropriate amount.

Was any of this information surprising to you? We want to hear your thoughts, comments, and insights. 🙂

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