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During postpartum, too many women find themselves feeling unprepared for the challenges, overwhelmed, anxious, and alone. This doesn’t have to be the case! Whether you’re about to welcome a new baby or you’ve had a baby sometime in the last 12 months, the PEACE Method Program with Stefanie’s 1:1 guidance can support your body, mind, and spirit during postpartum.  Come learn how to transform your postpartum experience so you can feel more empowered, peaceful, confident, and supported.  Stefanie is a registered nurse, nutritional therapy practitioner, and mom of 2. To learn more & book with Stefanie: Connect with Stefanie and join the conversation about postpartum: @stefanieoverstreet As a new mom, Stefanie had crushing fatigue, depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and digestive issues. What she wanted the most was to enjoy being a mom. Through her experience, she knew she wanted to teach women not just what they need to know for flourishing health but how to apply it in pregnancy and postpartum.

Stefanie nurtures the whole mom through:

  • Addressing physical needs like postnatal nutrient depletion through nutritional therapy and helping mom find a support system that fits her unique situation

  • Processing emotions, mood support for postpartum mood challenges (postpartum depression & postpartum anxiety), and developing empowering belief systems

  • Accessing infinite love, peace, and joy through growing in relationship with God and understanding His design for the postpartum season

  • Discovering how each woman is created to mother uniquely, instilling confidence as a mom and mothering free of shame and judgment

  • Creating expectations that make it possible to enjoy motherhood more instead of feeling out of control and like a failure

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frequently asked questions

Postpartum mood symptoms can look like: sadness, tearfulness, overwhelm, anxiety, mood swings, anger, worry, guilt/shame, feelings of unworthiness, a change in eating or sleeping patterns, low energy, a loss of interest in things you used to enjoy, unwanted/disturbing thoughts, difficulty bonding with baby or unwanted thoughts of harming baby or yourself.

Yes, believe it or not, postpartum isn’t limited to just the first 6 weeks after birth. There are many adjustments that take place for the mother physically and hormonally, along with the baby's development during the first year. Support can absolutely make a difference anytime during the first year postpartum. This is especially true if mom is experiencing any mood symptoms.

I have postpartum mood symptoms, and:

  • I’m looking for natural solutions 
  • I’ve tried medication and it hasn’t helped 
  • I had unwanted side effects with medication

The PEACE Method takes a holistic approach which means we will address the contributing factors in your body, mind/emotions and spiritual well-being. There are a variety of natural solutions we can try that involve nutrition strategies, supporting sleep & stress management, movement, targeted supplementation, mindset work and much more.

The PEACE Method focuses on the foundational components that make up a peaceful and supported postpartum experience. While there is some focus on addressing mindsets and creating new beliefs, we do not do in-depth cognitive behavioral work that licensed counselors are trained in. Instead, the PEACE Method addresses areas that counselors do not usually focus on such as nutrition and lifestyle practices, in addition to nurturing your spiritual well-being. The goal of the PEACE Method is to support your body, mind and spirit during postpartum in a holistic way. 


I really had a hard time during my last postpartum. Is there anything I can do to prevent feeling sad / overwhelmed / anxious / afraid / alone the next time?


Yes, the PEACE Method was designed to help with this. We will process the events of your previous postpartum and then work together to create a plan to support your body, mind and spirit the next time. Having the proper support system and plan in place ahead of time is a major factor that can influence your next postpartum experience.

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Felt good to have a PLAN written out and in place! It was also super awesome to have practical help in finding things like the herbal tinctures - my sleep AND anxiety has been better, just by taking those occasionally as I’ve needed. But in all the things you prep for with a baby, I didn’t have the mental capacity or time to research one more thing. Having those things just put into a list was so helpful. I had a lot more peace and enjoyment during the postpartum time.
Hannah P
Stefanie really listened and understood the specific issues I was dealing with in this pregnancy and offered doable solutions. I started sleeping better, had reduced anxiety, more energy and less constipation. I had no idea that diet could affect all of these areas.
Naomi H
Before working with Stefanie I was so paralyzed and living in fear. I felt like I was going to lose my mind and was afraid to be alone with my baby. Stefanie experienced what I was/am going through and she is a such a blessing to me as she helped me walk through this struggle (which is less of a struggle now!).
Allie L