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Pelvic floor PT is a more commonly known name for Pelvic Health PT, which is a better representation of what pelvic physical therapists provide for women. Jordan will help you improve your pelvic floor health using breathing techniques and specific exercises that incorporate the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, treating the tissue to decrease pain or over-activity of the muscles, relaxation techniques, and scar mobilization. Pelvic health PT is effective in treating:
  • low back pain

  • pelvic pain

  • abdominal pain

  • pain with intercourse,

  • incontinence

  • constipation

  • uterine, bladder, rectal prolapse

  • and more!

Pelvic floor dysfunction is something that many women struggle with and don’t even realize it. A healthy, strong, well-balanced pelvic floor is necessary for every-day life, especially for a busy mom!

Many women experience pelvic floor dysfunction at some point in their life and can feel embarrassed, isolated or ashamed. 

Physical therapy is a holistic approach to finding and treating the root of the problem rather than using a band-aid–such as medication–to cover up symptoms.

Schedule your first appointment with Jordan to start your journey to having a strong, well-balanced, and healthy pelvic floor.

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frequently asked questions

The first appointment is comprised of a lot of questions regarding bladder and bowel health and habits, pain, sexual health, pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences, signs and symptoms in general. It is then followed by education about the pelvic floor with models and diagrams for anatomical review and discussion. If a patient consents, an internal pelvic examination follows. A lot of education is provided and homework is given!

There are no stirrups, no speculum. It is lying down with the therapist wearing a glove and using lubrication to assess the three layers of the pelvic floor in regards to muscle tone, coordination, symmetry, strength, endurance, relaxation abilities, and pain levels. Grade of pelvic organ prolapse is then assessed. Education is provided on proper breathing, proper pelvic floor training (depending on the needs of the patient) and homework is given based on the deficits found.

No preparation needed, and being nervous is completely normal! It is scary, but your therapist will make you feel as comfortable as possible.

The number of visits recommended is based on findings from the first visit but even one visit can be extremely beneficial and educational.

Most likely, insurance will cover part of the cost! You can call your insurance in advance and ask how much they would cover for a physical therapy evaluation. Your PT will also provide a Superbill with your diagnoses codes and date of service. You can submit it to your insurance online and most insured patients get a majority of the cost covered.

That is for your PT to figure out! Jordan is a musculoskeletal expert with a doctorate of physical therapy and expertise in the pelvic floor. It is her mission to provide each patient her full attention for an hour, put on her critical thinking hat, and give all she can for the best possible patient outcomes. She cares very deeply about achieving patient goals and improving quality of life!

Definitely! Many women bring their spouses or their friends, and/or their infants.

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As a student (almost licensed) midwife, I can say confidently that I would recommend Arukah for any maternal care. The women there are so intentional and compassionate, taking their time to really love and pamper their clients. I have been lucky enough to use Ashley as my massage therapist, and no one has loved my body so thoroughly or been so patient with my muscles before. I have also had clients rave about Jordan and her pelvic therapy. Literally life-changing work. Please use them. I guarantee you will love each of them.
Krista W
During what could arguably be one of the most embarrassing types of appointments you can make as a woman, Jordan made me feel extremely comfortable and seen. A pelvic floor specialist was never something on my radar until she was recommended by my midwife. If you have any type of discomfort or things going on that you are told as a woman are “normal” (especially after pregnancy) you need to see Jordan. One session changed my life and I haven’t stopped advocating for this type of care since. THANK YOU JORDAN!
Jenna R
I ended up having pelvic floor issues after giving birth and I was panicking that I’d never be back to normal. From the first moment I met Jordan she gave me confidence and relief that I didn’t have to live that way. Her professionalism and energy is very refreshing and helps the client feel comfortable. I completely recommend you seeing her if you have any doubt in your pelvic floor. She has been amazing in my postpartum recovery. I will definitely be seeing her before I go into labor with my second one when that time comes since she is so knowledgeable about breathing techniques and ensuring you don’t ruin your pelvic muscles.
Stephanie A
Jordan is amazing! It was such a blessing to have a visit with her postpartum as I didn’t even realize how much tension and discomfort I had until it was gone. Everyone should have at least one visit post birth, would recommend to every woman! Thank you Jordan!!
Kathleen W